Hail great pillars of our great Caltec Foundation

For the success humanity

God bless you and uphold you, to the highest horizons

May your valour and vision spread to all through

All Caltecians here and far

~ Stanza ~

We must strive to grow and develop, into torch

Bearers for humanity, up right, dependable

Responsible to God and to all people

We will bear the banner

With such a drive of FAITH AND TOIL x2

  • “Real success requires choice after choice; it demands education, passion, commitment, persistence and patience.
    Above all it requires true confidence in God,
    For all Good comes from him.”

    Brother Sserubiri P
  • “My responsibility today determines my future. The moment you take
    responsibility for everything in your in your life, is the moment
    you can change anything in your life”

    Br. Tamale J.P (Principle)