The Academy has been run by the Brothers of Christian Instruction since 1973. It is registered with, and recognized by the Ministry of Education and Sports.

Caltec Academy Makerere used to offer post-Secondary courses in various categories of Business studies. However, with an insatiable demand for O Level section, the former was phased out to pave way for the latter in 2003. Right now, the Academy boasts of a fully-fledged Senior Secondary School.
The pioneer students (28 in number), sat for their Uganda Certificate Examinations in 2006 obtaining eleven (11) first grade, eleven (11) second grade and the rest in third division.

The Academy is unique in that it was the first to offer post-Secondary courses only at the Advanced level, teaching a wide spectrum of disciplines in both arts and sciences, with a bias on science and related subjects in sciences and Arts. Since 1979, Caltec has also been offering various categories of Business courses, which included terminal courses, so that the students, on completion, go into direct employment. These various courses of Business studies included:
1) Group Certificate courses of the Uganda National Examination Board from 1979 to 1989.
2) Uganda Diploma in Business Studies (UDBS) of the national Business Education council from 1985-2000.
3) Professional courses namely The association of chartered certified Accoutants of U.K from 1990 to 1995 and later CPA of Kenya.
4) Diploma in Business studies of Uganda Martyrs University, Nkozi from 2000, but whose teaching is currently temporarily suspended.
The Caltec Academy population grew tremendously from 40 in 1972 to 900 and plus in the 90’s when the institute had two wings.

The Brothers of Christian Instruction (BCI / FIC’S)

The Brothers of Christian Instruction are the supreme Organ of the Academy. They are the trustees of the Academy.


The Brothers of Christian Instruction is a Religious Congregation which was founded in France, after the revolution upheaval of 1789-1815, by Fr. John Mary Robert De La Mennais, to restore the hearts and souls of the youths.

This Congregation, better known in France as the Brothers of ploermel and in Uganda as the Kisubi Brothers has played a very significant role in the education of the young worldwide.

Today the Brothers of Christian Instruction besides operating schools in Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania also direct primary and secondary schools in Spain, England, Italy, the United states

Of America, Haiti, Canada, South America, the Seychelles, Japan, and Tahiti (Oceania). The general House of the Brothers is now in Rome, Italy where the superior General resides with his Assistants and the rest of the Administration Staff.

In Uganda, the Congregation started with four Brothers who left Canada on Saturday, June 12th 1926 and reached Kisubi in August,4th 1926.These Brothers were first given St Mary’s College which had been founded by the White Fathers twenty years earlier at Lubaga but had been transferred to Kisubi in May 12th 1924.

The Congregation which started with a humble beginning has its mother house where the Provincials Superior resides at Kisubi,15 miles on Entebbe Road, and is now in charge of over a dozen Institutions of learning of primary, secondary including Caltec Academy Makerere, and a university.