Caltec Academy Makerere provides many opportunities for young people to develop leadership and representation skills and we entrust students with responsibilities commensurate with their strengths and abilities.

Prefects have the potential to influence the school environment and the behaviour of their fellow pupils by becoming advocates for positive change in the school community.

The Academy aims at raising future responsible leaders and in order to achieve this, we give a chance to students to develop fully through management of their fellow students.

Students are elected through elections where they get to campaign and convince their fellow students of their capabilities and intentions. They are taken through training on various aspects to enable them execute their duties ably well for the smooth running of the school.

The school leadership body is headed by a Head Prefect who leads the various ministers referred to as Honorables.

Key aims

Develop an effective student leadership model that enables all students to develop key leadership competencies and skills
Develop opportunities for students’ views to be taken into account when strategic decision about the academy’s future development are being considered
Develop a culture of student involvement in the life of the academy
Develop a culture of student involvement in the life of the local community
Ensure that students’ views are a key driver to the integration process of the boys and the girlsin the Academy.

General Guidelines

School prefects will work to ensure that their moral and academic life shall always be a model for the student community to emulate. Prefects undergo continuous leadership training.

The training focuses on:

Be clear about the roles and responsibilities of prefects at their school
Know what skills and personal qualities are needed to be effective prefects
Understand their own strengths and limitations
Know how to communicate confidently
Understand the concept of assertiveness and its importance to prefects
Understand the relevance of leadership to being a prefect
Understand the components of effective team working
Public speaking

Each prefect will be expected to:

Respect the rules and regulations of the school.
Be dressed appropriately at all times. Prefects shall wear their prefect tie that distinguishes their office at all times.
Be punctual for duties and attend all prefect meetings where possible.
Maintain an excellent academic and behaviour record and lead by example, ensuring the pursuit of academic excellence and orderly behaviour.
Be positive and enthusiastic, encouraging and motivating fellow students.
Be cooperative, helpful, well-mannered, trustworthy, and responsible.
Be respectful toward teachers, your peers and the school environment.
Display leadership qualities: confidence, initiative, problem solving skills
Be willing to take on extra responsibilities.
Be able to work independently and complete tasks without supervision.


  • Each prefect shall have a job description defining his/her areas of responsibility. Prefects are expected to perform their duties effectively; failure may result in disciplinary action. Prefects who fail to adhere to the Prefect Code of Conduct and to maintain the role and responsibilities will be given a notice of intention to remove their prefect status. Students failing to address the area(s) of concern will have their prefect status removed and their contract revoked.