Ream/Saloon/Tissue -26,000/= for all


All students are required to contact a recognized medical facility to check the physical health. Parents are advised to inform the school in case of any chronical illness that may need special attention. The check-up may also be done at Jovi Clinic through the school at a fee of 30,000/=.


The following are the personal requirements most of which apply to those in the boarding section. Day scholars consider only those which apply to you.

1 A copy of P.L.E/U.C.E results or Report
2 1 Passport photo for the Student and the Parent/Guardian in charge
3 26,000/= for Ream/ Saloon /Toilet paper
4 Appropriate Suitcase
5 A Mattress, 2 pairs of Bed Sheets, Blanket
6 Mosquito Net and Towel
7 2 Long descent black skirts/Trousers
8 12 black books/Art book, Graph book (may be got at school)
9 A school bag, geometry set, enough pens, colored pencils
10 A Dictionary for students and Bible
11 A Calculator (Casio-100 or 991) and a Re-writable CD
12 Basin/Bucket, 20-liter jerrycan
13 Enough Pocket Money (to be kept with the Warden/Matron)
14 1 Enough sanitary towels (girls)
15 2 pairs of socks (boys) or long white stockings (girls)
16 School shoes, Polish / Sandals
17 Convenient Vaseline/Lotion (No Perfumes)
18 3 bars of washing soap/ Bathing Soap
19 Tooth paste and tooth brushes
20 Flat Iron, Umbrella / Torch
21 Flask, Water bottle, 4kg of sugar
22 Eating Utensils (plate, cup, spoon/fork & knife for girls)
23 Baptism Card (for only Catholics to study Catechism lessons)
24 Any other personal effect for students
  • “Real success requires choice after choice; it demands education, passion, commitment, persistence and patience.
    Above all it requires true confidence in God,
    For all Good comes from him.”

    Brother Sserubiri P
  • “My responsibility today determines my future. The moment you take
    responsibility for everything in your in your life, is the moment
    you can change anything in your life”

    Br. Tamale J.P (Principle)