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Senior One
Senior Two
Senior Three
Senior Four
Senior Five
Senior six
Math Rev. Qns Math: Construction History E.A Bio Rev Qns Luganda Book Complex Numbers
Turning Effect of a force Math Book 1 Eng 1 Chem: Paper 1 Booklet Mechanics Trigonometry
Prototype Phy: Density Eng 2 Chem 2 Modern Physics Vector
UCE Book 1 Electric Power Luganda Book Eng P 1 ICT - Theory Gravitation
Eng Learner's Guide Phy: Friction Math: Business Eng P 2 ICT - Practical Heat
Performing Arts Learner's Textbook Phy: Machines Math: Construction Geog P 1 European History Luganda Book
Bio: Test Phy: Work Power Math: Functions Geog P. 2 Sub & Applied Math Mechanical Properties of Matter
Geog: Notes Phy: Intro to Forces Math: Indices Logarithm Bio: Insects Art Studio Technology Numerical Methods
Music Phy: Light Math: Matric & Transformation Phy: Rev book Geography Numerical Methods Test
ICT - Theory Luganda Book Chem: Isomerism Div 2 - 1st Corinthians
History E.A Math: Quadratics Math: Business CRE Notes European History
Geog Notes Math: Section A Qns Math: Functions Geog: Industrialisation Art Studio Technology
Biology Test Math: Sets Math: Construction Geog: Mining Physics 2
Math Excerise Math: Statistics Math: Indices Logarithm & Factorisation Geog: Tourism Art P615 Graphics
Agric Holiday Work 2020 Math: Trigonometry Math: Inequalities Bio: Evolution Coastal Geormopphology
Corona Holiday Chem Test Bio - Rev Book Math: Kinematics & Bearing Bio: Genetics Inheritance Ent. P230 UNEB Qns
Ent. Test Math: O-Level Book 1 Math: Matric & Transformation Geo: Finishing
Math Revision Exercise Phy: Linear Motion Math: Quadratics Forestry
Music Phy: Reflection in Curved Mirrors Math: Sec. A Qns Geog: Transport
O Level Geog - Notes Phy: Force & Motion Math: Sets Geog: Urbanisation
Phy: Particulate nature of matter Motion Math: Statistics Bio: Evolution
Phy: Archimedes Math: Trigonometry Bio: Genetics Inheritance
Phy: Heat & Thermometry Math: UCE book 4 Bio: Growth $ Development
Phy: Pressure Math: Vectors Bio: Homeostasis
Phy: Reflaction of Light o Plane Surfaces Bio: O level Rev Book CRE Paper 4
Phy: Heat Capacity Math: O level Book
Phy: Expansion Heat Phy: Gas Law
Phy: Mechanical Properties of Matter Phy: Electric Current $ Resistance
ICT - Theory Paper Phy: Electric Cells
ICT Rev Qns Phy: Electromagnetic Induction
Geog Notes Phy: Magnetic Effect of an Electric Current
Geog Notes Phy: Modern Physics
Agric Holiday work Phy: Electrolstatics
Biology Test Phy: Waves
Chem Holiday Test 1 2020 Phy: Magnetism
History South Africa ICT - Theory
Bio: Holiday Test 2020 Computer Data Comm'n
Physics Guiding Qns Computer Topic 4
CRE Section E
Eng P.2
History 4
Math Rev Test P.2
Math Rev Test P.1
2020 Math Rev Test P.1
2020 Math Rev Test P.2
History E.A
Math: Matric & Transformation
Geog 1 Notes
Agric Holiday Notes
Chem: Electroysis
Chem: Rate of Reaction
Commerce Questionaire
Chem: Corona Test P.1
Phy: Exercise 1
Phy: Exercise 2
Chem: Empirical Formula & Molecular Formula
Chem 2: MOT one 2020
Phy: Solutions to Exercise 01
Agric P.1 Holiday Work 2020