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Senior One
Senior Two
Senior Three
Senior Four
Senior Five
Senior six
Art and Design Self Study Computer Software Chem Practicals Chem Test Econ UACE MOck Ans History Eastern Qns
ENG Test Computer Hardware Chem Test Hist of W.Africa Econ New Vision 16/5/2020 Ent Notes
Geog Learner Book Chp 1 Lit Test Lit Notes Chem 2 Mechanics Agric-Past-papers
Geog Learner Book Chp 3 english-advanced-vocabulary-and-structure-practice Studio Technology I.C.T Practical Guide Newtons-Laws-of-motion Computer Studies Practical Book
History and Political Education English ror O-level Biology Notes - GENETIC AND VARIATION I.C.T Practical Guide Biology Notes - GENETIC AND VARIATION Mechanics Revision Questions
1.ICT on Society English Self Study NCDC Agric Notes Livestock Management Geography Objectives Revision Hist: French Revolution Literature 1 - Test
Biology NCDC Geog - TOURISM SECTOR in New England Biology - Self Study Materials Biology Notes - Coordination Agric: Past-papers Computer Studies Theory Book
HSITORY-AND-POLITICAL-EDUCATION Geography - Canadian Prairies CRE NOTES TR ESTHER FLAVIA Biology Test Computer Studies Practical Book Biology - Cockroach Dissection
History - Slave Trade History of East Africa Commerce Computer Studies Theory Book DIV 1 Notes
History Scramble and Partition Math Transformatiion CRE Paper 1 MOCK EXAM Economics: Price Theory DIV 4 LAW AND ORDER
Maths - ALGEBRA Math-TRIGONOMETRICS GEOGRAPHY Large Scale Irrigation Farming in africa Economics UACE MOCK ENT- ONE- NOTES-.pdf
Maths - EQUATIONS AND INEQUALITIES Physics - Motion Math - INEQUALITIES Econonic New Vision SUBMTH- Test
Physics - Work Energy Power -English-FUNCTIONAL-WRITING-NOTES Math VECTORS Econonic New Vision ABOOLUGANDA
Biology - Soil Luganda-Ebisoko Maths Linear Programming Moments couple-A-Level-mechanics Luganda-Vol-2-ANDREW-DDAMBA-KIBUUKA
BIOLOGY NOTES NUTRITION Luganda-Paper-2.-MBAYIWA-HANDOUT Maths - Probability Newtons-Laws-of-motion
Music.-THE-BAROQUE-PERIOD Commerce- INSURANCE History French Revolution
Physics notes Agriculture-DIARY-MANAGEMENT UACE-Agriculture-2-Past-papers
BIOLOGY Test Agriculture-LIVESTOCK-HEALTH Fine-Art-Paper 4
Senior One
Senior Two
Senior Three
Senior Four
Senior Five
Senior six
Math Rev. Qns Math: Construction History E.A Bio Rev Qns Luganda Book Complex Numbers
Turning Effect of a force Math Book 1 Eng 1 Chem: Paper 1 Booklet Mechanics Trigonometry
Prototype Phy: Density Eng 2 Chem 2 Modern Physics Vector
UCE Book 1 Electric Power Luganda Book Eng P 1 ICT - Theory Gravitation
Eng Learner's Guide Phy: Friction Math: Business Eng P 2 ICT - Practical Heat
Performing Arts Learner's Textbook Phy: Machines Math: Construction Geog P 1 European History Luganda Book
Bio: Test Phy: Work Power Math: Functions Geog P. 2 Sub & Applied Math Mechanical Properties of Matter
Geog: Notes Phy: Intro to Forces Math: Indices Logarithm Bio: Insects Art Studio Technology Numerical Methods
Music Phy: Light Math: Matric & Transformation Phy: Rev book Geography Numerical Methods Test
Using a fire extinguisher lab rules ICT - Theory Luganda Book Chem: Isomerism
Art Work History E.A Math: Quadratics Math: Business CRE Notes European History
Computer Hardware & System Setup Geog Notes Math: Section A Qns Math: Functions Geog: Industrialisation Art Studio Technology
Introduction to I.C.T Biology Test Math: Sets Math: Construction Geog: Mining Physics 2
Ent. Test Math Excerise Math: Statistics Math: Indices Logarithm & Factorisation Geog: Tourism Art P615 Graphics
English Excercise Agric Holiday Work 2020 Math: Trigonometry Math: Inequalities Bio: Evolution Coastal Geormopphology
English Test Corona Holiday Chem Test Bio - Rev Book Math: Kinematics & Bearing Bio: Genetics Inheritance Ent. P230 UNEB Qns
Fine Art Test Ent. Test Math: O-Level Book 1 Math: Matric & Transformation Chem Notes 2 Geo: Finishing
Kiswahilli Test Math Revision Exercise Phy: Linear Motion Math: Quadratics Geog: 1 Section C Forestry
Music Phy: Reflection in Curved Mirrors Math: Sec. A Qns Weaving Geog: Transport
O Level Geog - Notes Phy: Force & Motion Math: Sets Agric P.1 Holiday Work Geog: Urbanisation
O Level Geog - Notes Phy: Particulate nature of matter Motion Math: Statistics Economics Production Theory Bio: Evolution
North America Nots Phy: Archimedes Math: Trigonometry The Entrepreneurship Environment Bio: Genetics Inheritance
Fine Art Excerise Phy: Heat & Thermometry Math: UCE book 4 Bio: Gaseous Exchange Bio: Growth $ Development
Chemistry Test Phy: Pressure Math: Vectors Bio: Classification of organisms Bio: Homeostasis
MATH WORKSHEET NINE Phy: Reflaction of Light o Plane Surfaces Bio: O level Rev Book Biology Notes CRE Paper 4
Physics ELECTRICITY II Phy: Heat Capacity Math: O level Book Nuclear Physics Chem - Corona Test
Phy: Expansion Heat Phy: Gas Law Physics 2 Notes Chem - Group Vii (I)
Phy: Mechanical Properties of Matter Phy: Electric Current $ Resistance P615 Studio Technology
ICT - Theory Paper Phy: Electric Cells Geog - P1 Section C
ICT Rev Qns Phy: Electromagnetic Induction Math P1 Rev Qns
Geog Notes Phy: Magnetic Effect of an Electric Current Math P2 Rev Qns
Geog Notes Phy: Modern Physics Div 2 - 1st Corinthians
Agric Holiday work Phy: Electrolstatics
Biology Test Phy: Waves Weaving
Chem Holiday Test 1 2020 Phy: Magnetism Agric P.2
History South Africa ICT - Theory Economics Notes
Bio: Holiday Test 2020 Computer Data Comm'n I.C.T Theory Paper
Physics Guiding Qns Computer Topic 4 I.C.T Practical Guide
Bio - Gaseous Exchange Qns CRE Section E Bio: Classification of organisms
English Notes Eng P.2 Bio: Respiration
Chem Notes History 4 Geog: Map Reading
Bio - Excretion Notes Math Rev Test P.2 Phy: Waves
Bio - Respiration & Gasesous Exchange Math Rev Test P.1 Physics P.3
Computer Theory Paper 2020 Math Rev Test P.1 Electro Chemistry
GEO. CLIMATE OF EAST AFRICA 2020 Math Rev Test P.2 Bio: Gene Interaction
Math MATRICES Ecology Bio: Locomotion
Physics FLUID FLOW History E.A History Eastern Qns
Math: Matric & Transformation Ent 1 Notes
Geog 1 Notes Agric: Past Papers
Agric Holiday Notes
Chem: Electroysis
Chem: Rate of Reaction
Commerce Questionaire
Chem: Corona Test P.1
Phy: Exercise 1
Phy: Exercise 2
Chem: Empirical Formula & Molecular Formula
Chem 2: MOT one 2020
Phy: Solutions to Exercise 01
Agric P.1 Holiday Work 2020
Computer Practical Guide
IPS Art Graphics
Bio - Excretion & Osmo regulation
Eng Notes Package II 2020
Chemistry: Electro
Math Book
Physics P. 1 & 2
Geog: Map Reading
C.R.E 223 Notes
Commerce Notes
Math: Vectors
Phy: Motors & Trnasformers